Expanding the scope of replicable unnatural DNA: Stepwise optimization of a predominantly hydrophobic base pair

T. Lavergne, M. Degardin, D.A. Malyshev, H.T. Quach, K. Dhami, P. Ordoukhanian, F.E. Romesberg, J. Am. Chem. Soc. (2013) 135:5408-5419.
pubpic2013lavergneWe report the stepwise optimization of dMMO2 via the synthesis and evaluation of eighteen novel para-derivatized analogs of dMMO2, followed by further derivatization and evaluation of the most promising analogs with meta substituents. The most promising, d5SICS-dFEMO, is replicated under some conditions with greater efficiency and fidelity than d5SICS-dNaM.