Efforts toward expansion of the genetic alphabet: Structure and replication of unnatural base pairs

S. Matsuda, J.D. Fillo, A.A. Henry, P. Rai, S. J. Wilkens, T.J. Dwyer, B.H. Geierstanger, D.E. Wemmer, P.G. Schultz, G. Spraggon, F.E. Romesberg,J. Am Chem. Soc. (2007) 129:10466-10473.
pubpic2007bmatsudaWe examine the structure of DNA duplexes containing either the d3FB or dPICS self-pairs. We find that the large aromatic rings of the dPICS nucleobases pair in an intercalative manner within duplex DNA, while the d3FB nucleobases interact in an edge-on manner, much closer in structure to natural base pairs.